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ABS Youth Art Contest

Contest Details:

Artists between the ages of 5-18 will create a piece of art that illustrates the theme,

Ecosystem Health.’ Contestants may use any medium as long as artwork submissions follow the requirements designated in the Official Rules. We have provided a comprehensive list of potential mediums; however, contestants are not limited to provided suggestion

The artwork should address the theme: ‘Ecosystem Health.’ The theme is interpretive and

can center around various aspects. For example, the artwork could highlight biodiversity,

prompt recycling and waste reduction, or encourage restriction of invasive plants and

animals within an ecosystem. Contestants could also illustrate various threats to ecosystem

health within Alberta. The theme may even be used to align with various learning outcomes

found within Alberta Education’s program of studies.

Contestant winners will be determined using the following Rubric.

Contest Goals:

  1. Encourage youth to foster stewardship and advocacy of Alberta’s Ecosystems.

  2. Provide a platform for youth to raise awareness about environmental issues that are meaningful and relevant to Alberta.

  3. Move Albertans to take action in preserving ecosystem health

Division Requirements:

Division 1 (Ages 5-12)

- Submission of 1 artwork entry per contestant

Division 2 (Ages 13-18)

- Submission of 1 artwork entry per contestant - A maximum of 150 word description

Division Awards:

First Place

Second Place

Division 1 (Ages 5-12)



Division 2 (Ages 13-18)



All finalists will also be awarded a certification of results and will have their art displayed on social media.

All contestants will be awarded a certificate of participation and may have their art displayed on social media.

Submission Details:

  1. Contestants must complete the following Google Form once artwork is ready for submission.

  2. The Alberta Botanical Society will send a link to each contestant’s email for access to their own, unique submission folder.

  3. Files may be submitted via the submission folder.

  4. Files should be submitted using any of the following file formats: JPH, JPEG, PNG, GIF, MP3, MP4, WAV, MOV, DOC, DOCX or PDF.

  5. Files MUST be labeled to include the contestant’s first and last name. ex: Doe, Jane Artwork.jpg.

  6. Submissions must include all division requirements

  7. Contact information for a parent/guardian/teacher must be provided.

  8. Please see the Official Rules for additional details


ABS Youth Art Contest
Download PDF • 198KB


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