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Meet The Team

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Plant Ecophysiology Advisor

Dr. Karen Christensen-Dalsgaard

Karen is an experienced botanist with a research program focused on plant ecophysiology and urban ecology. She is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at MacEwan University and is often seen spreading awareness about the importance of plants to human society and health. Surprisingly, Karen’s research career began in marine freshwater ecology at Copenhagen University. Her interest in water transport led her to participate in research programs on plant water relations and fluid flow in the vascular system of woody plants, something that opened her eyes to just how fascinating plants really are. Karen’s interests are broad, ranging from microbial interactions in the rhizosphere to large-scale ecosystem dynamics. Karen is a strong proponent of holistic research methods that incorporate multidisciplinary approaches to solving real-world problems. Karen teaches various courses at MacEwan University on cell biology, plant biology, plant behavior, tropical rainforest ecology, and field ecology. In her spare time, Karen enjoys foraging for edible plants, hiking, climbing, skiing and cycling. Karen is a strong proponent of environmental stewardship and will oversee any current and future events/projects related to plant physiology and ecology as ABS’ Plant Ecophysiology Advisor. She can be contacted at

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Wetland Stewardship Advisor

Dr. David A. Locky

David Locky is an Associate Professor in the Biological Sciences Department at MacEwan University where he conducts research and teaches freshwater ecology, biostatistics and research design, and other courses.

He is a certified Professional Wetland Scientist and a Professional Biologist. David’s research included undergraduate and graduate students, and encompasses a broad range of aspects of wetlands and other freshwater ecosystems. These projects include wetland classification/evaluation/policy, biogeography, land use impacts, restoration/construction, fish dietary dynamics, and microplastics in freshwaters. His research has spanned subarctic, boreal, prairie, and temperate regions across Canada. David has been involved in local to regional scale EAs, including oil sands, pipeline, upgrader, and municipal infrastructure projects. His research has been presented in peer-reviewed journals, regional policy and management publications, and at international conferences. In his spare time, David plays various stringed and wind instruments, often in a kilt, tinkers with his muscle car, tussles with the family cats, spends as much time as possible in the outdoors, and loves tending his garden and house plants, including a 110-year old Christmas cactus. David is passionate about fostering stewardship of Alberta’s ecosystems. As ABS’ Wetland Stewardship Advisor, David will oversee any current and future events/projects involving wetlands. You can contact him at or on Instagram @David.Locky.

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