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Our Mission

The Alberta Botanical Society strives to foster stewardship of Alberta's ecosystems through community outreach and public education.

We take a multi-disciplinary approach and are willing to collaborate with other organizations, universities, governments, industry, and individuals to make this vision a reality.

We aim to incorporate a diverse range of plant-related disciplines and interests into our approach including botany, ecology, genetics, agriculture, forestry, land reclamation, horticulture, landscaping, and gardening.

We are and always will be an inclusive community that welcomes people of all backgrounds.

Our Goals

EMPOWER Albertans with knowledge on the value and functional importance of plants and

plant-related sciences/technologies to human society. 

ENCOURAGE the public to develop wonder, curiosity, and respect for the flora and fauna that surround them accompanied by an intrinsic urge to learn more.

BUILD long-term relationships

with local stakeholders to promote the spirit of environmental stewardship in all facets of human existence. 

STIMULATE community engagement through events and community-oriented projects focused on enhancing and preserving Alberta’s ecosystems

LEAD our community by supporting other individuals, groups, or societies that have a mandate promoting the education, respect, and maintenance of Alberta’s native flora and fauna.

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